Review: Esoteric Youth/Prelude to the Hunt Split


Metallic hardcore mob Esoteric Youth are back with the follow up to their self-titled demo. This split with Prelude to the Hunt sees them unleash a blackened slab of crusty hardcore in the form of the song Instinct. The song shows Esoteric Youth at their most ferocious and rips its’ way through your head in just over a minute. There’s a surprising amount of depth in such a short song with a real highlight being the tremolo picking which creates a wonderfully bleak atmosphere.

The 2nd song on Esoteric Youth’s side of this split is a rather amazing cover of Deftones’ Minerva. While the original song is reminiscent for being a spacey, rock opera, Esoteric Youth’s take on the song turns it into a massive slab of post metal that sits somewhere nicely between Cult of Luna and Converge. This is a really impressive showing from these Mancunian mentals.

Also worthy of note is the increase in quality regarding the production and mix from Esoteric Youth’s demo. This is huge sounding stuff that makes the band sound beastly. This is exactly the sort of push Esoteric Youth needed to make their music give the sheer impact it deserves.

This is a really impressive taster of what Esoteric Youth have brewing for their next release. The band have come a long way since their debut and with metal as good as this they deserve to go all the way.



Doomy hardcore nutters Prelude to the Hunt return after a long gap between their debut EP First Rites. Tomb World sees the band on top form as usual and shows how brilliantly they can cross hardcore with doom metal. The song starts with a crushing sludge riff before exploding into a hardcore punk beat and picking up some serious pace. A lot of bands are making this kind of music but not many of them sound as downright vicious as Prelude to the Hunt.

Prelude to the Hunt’s 2nd track takes the form of a cover of Reparations by Cursed. Unlike Esoteric Youth’s cover, Prelude to the Hunt play the song with almost no changes outside vocal delivery and guitar tone. The cover is still admirably played and comes with all the dirt and crust you’d expect from a Prelude to the Hunt song, but it’s a shame the band didn’t try to cover a song they could really stamp with their style.

Overall Prelude to the Hunt still manage to impress with their punky doom. Their music is angry, crushing and most importantly vital which makes for an incredibly visceral listening experience. Prelude to the Hunt have mastered their art and are bound to impress us again with whatever they’re cooking up for their next release.


The limited edition cassette release of this from Church of Fuck is sadly sold out. However, you can still download the thing from Church of Fuck’s Bandcamp. Make sure you do.


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