Review: Limb’s Gift of the Sun

When we reviewed Limb’s self-titled demo we said the band were “great song writers with commanding vocals and huge riffs that will make for some great mosh pits. Unfortunately for them this is being masked with some flat production and shoddy mixing that could make this band sound immense.” Now we’ve arrived at Limb’s second EP titled Gift of the Sun, so have the band given their winning formula of groovy sludge the power that it desperately needed? Fuck yes they have.

Limb’s massive blend of huge grooves, down-tuned riffs and booming vocals are back in full force and they sound as big as ever. The EP’s title track showcases how brilliant this band can truly sound thanks to the beautiful production which compliments Limb’s enormous, lurching sludge metal magnificently. There’s also a cracking breakdown which sees the band get nice and doomy giving the song a tremendous amount of depth.

The EP continues in an equally impressive fashion. Quiet Earth speeds things up slightly with a bouncy, punk riff that’s absolutely furious with all the added fuzz and crash that make up Limb’s signature sound. Mark my words; there will be circle pits to this song and they will be massive.

Gift of the Sun brings the entire record to a fitting close with Dead Voice; a song that fuses elements of both the previous tracks. It starts once again with Pat Pask’s almost hardcore punk riffing and develops into the biggest, doom groove it could possibly conjure. Heads will bang.

We had a feeling Limb were going places but my word did they arrive with a bang. Gift of the Sun is 3 of the most engaging, dirty, fuzzed-up sludge metal songs put to record and it makes for gripping listening. Limb’s music has a fantastic bounce to it that is going to fuel some of the most rowdy mosh pits London has to offer. Miss this EP at your own peril; Limb are coming to town and they’re taking no prisoners.


Limb’s Gift of the Sun is released on February 25th 2013. Pre-orders go live soon at New Heavy Sounds.


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One response to “Review: Limb’s Gift of the Sun

  • bethavison

    Hey – drop me a message at if you’re interested in contributing to a new metal site. We are looking for UK-based writers for album reviews, gig reviews, UK metal scene coverage, etc.

    I really like your blog and the stuff you cover and think you’d be great for it. I especially like your Corrupt Moral Altar review.

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