Review: Cry Havoc’s New Life

Cry Havoc are a 5 piece thrashy, metalcore band from Exeter who make the sort of noise that fans of Send More Paramedics, Bullet For My Valentine and Sacred Mother Tongue can appreciate. This is their “reboot” of debut EP New Life and despite its’ metalcore leanings it proves to be riotous, scream-a-long fun.

While Cry Havoc won’t be winning points for originality, this EP manages to showcase a group of individuals with an immense talent for writing catchy, memorable metal. The opening riff to Losing Everything could’ve easily been ripped from Bullet For My Valentine’s Scream Aim Fire, but it’s brilliant simplicity paired with Eliot Lipscombe’s visceral drumming will instantly get the hardiest of metalheads nodding.

This is Cry Havoc’s greatest strength; you won’t forget their songs any time soon. Vocalist Gavin Bolt has a fantastically urgent and commanding scream which is implemented in the verses before he breaks out into a soaring chorus that you can hear legions of festival-goers singing along to. Enough can’t be said about how enduring this band are.

At no point on the entire EP does this formula work against the band. Here’s 4 straightforward, crucial, head-banging anthems for the masses and they’re so palatable than you can effortlessly lap them up. They’re all punctuated with some fantastic production which makes the band sound like the sort of arena band they’re clearly aiming to be.

The only real negative is some of the lyric choices. Going back to Losing Everything will submit you to the rather cringeworthy outro where Bolt shouts “raise your fist, shut the fuck up” repeatedly like a 12 year old who’s just watched his first 18-rated movie. But while Bolt’s lyricism can bring some embarrassing moments, you cannot fault his delivery which makes New Life a boisterous and brilliantly enjoyable metal record.

Cry Havoc’s New Life isn’t breaking any new ground, but quite simply it’s some of the most fun we’ve had listening to a metal record in quite some time. It’s catchy and each song screams “mosh-pit anthem” thanks to every beautiful, lasting riff and chorus it throws your way. It’s this sort of song writing that’s going to launch Cry Havoc stratospheric and we’ll be more than happy to watch them achieve those amazing heights.


Cry Havoc’s New Life EP is released digitally the 15th of April 2013.


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