Review: Corrupt Moral Altar’s Luciferian Deathcult

Whoa. So this is heavy then. Breathtakingly heavy in fact. Corrupt Moral Altar certainly know how to craft extreme music. The Liverpudlian 4 piece make intense, visceral, blackened grindcore in the style of Napalm Death and Hammers and it’s showcased here on their Luciferian Deathcult EP.

Extreme metal of this calibre can be pretty difficult to pull off without sounding like a load of fools smashing their instruments as hard and fast as possible and pig-squealing over everything. Well I can’t thank Satan enough because Corrupt Moral Altar do a rather incredible job of putting one of the most anarchic things ever to record and also structure it in a way that isn’t completely overbearing.

The real powerhouse in the Corrupt Moral Altar sound is drummer Tom Dring. The man unleashes some of the most furious blast-beats and double-bass drumming heard in ages and does it so furiously that I can imagine a lot of sticks were broken during the recording of this EP.

Adding another element to the Corrupt Moral Altar sound is vocalist Chris Reese who’s harrowing scream gives Luciferian Deathcult an uncontrollable element that makes the record sound like it’s going to fight its’ way out of your stereo to slit your throat.

It’s these 2 elements that give Luciferian Deathcult its’ overbearing sound of sheer brutality. What actually manages to tie it all down into a package that you can appreciate is the simple yet effective work of guitarist John Cooke. Cooke’s riffs might not be the most technical work around (and they certainly rely on the single-chord breakdown a bit too much), but it’s their simplicity that helps round out the EP into one you can actually remember.

Cooke brings some much needed groove to songs like Politics is a Bargain Between Beggars that allow the songs to flow and give them that all important element that will win them over to an army of headbangers.

Also helping to temper the storm is the pacing of the EP. While the songs are never slow, they don’t barrel along at a pace that’s too quick to comprehend. Each song is a fully formed slab of vicious metal that has room to breathe unlike the 30 second stabs of violence you get from the fastcore scene.

Finally, the spectacular work on the mix also helps the listener to take in all the elements of Corrupt Moral Altar’s sound without them meshing into one, giant, brown note. Every bass-beat, riff, scream and cymbal crash is presented with stunning clarity that really helps you appreciate the musicianship on show, regardless of how utterly mental it all is.

Corrupt Moral Altar’s Luciferian Deathcult is a master-work of extremity. These men like their music as loud as possible and for those looking for an experience that’ll rearrange their innards, you’ll be hard pressed to find one as expertly executed as this.


You can pre-order Luciferian Deathcult by Corrupt Moral Altar from Bait in the Trap Records now. The EP is officially released on the 18th of February.


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