News: Bastions Drummer Danny Garrod Leaves Band

Bastions drummer Danny Garrod has left the band. Garrod has left a lengthy note explaining his decision on his personal Tumblr. You can read an excerpt below:

“Last week, I left Bastions. A band I founded nearly five years ago.

There is no final show for me, no last farewell tour before moving on to something new. There are no ‘real life’ reasons for my departure, just a very sad realization that the people I had worked with, people I considered family, ultimately, did not give a single damn about me.

I wanted to leave as far back as August, such was the limit as to how badly I felt I was treated. My ego couldn‘t handle it though. I could not bare the thought that the band would go and , no doubt, endure without me. I was made to feel replaceable; and I clung on desperately.

There are a myriad of reasons as to why I decided to leave; belittlement, disrespect, lack of gratitude, a stubborn refusal to understand my personal and family circumstances … and whereas I am almost certain my former bandmates are reading and thinking otherwise, I would like to say that I told them/you all on numerous occasions how I felt. I was either dismissed out of hand, or just out right ignored.”

You can read the full note via this link: CLICK HERE

UK Scumscene wishes Danny Garrod all the best for the future.


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