News: Kerouac Return for One Last Show

Kerouac, the hardcore/screamo band from the South Coast who split up last year after a triumphant final gig at London’s Old Blue Last and a discography release on Holy Roar are stepping onto the stage for one final show at the Joiners in Southampton to raise money to help save the venue. Here’s the full word from the band:

“We are playing a show on Saturday 9th February.

In July, at The Old Blue Last, we were lucky enough to play a show to celebrate the time we had being in Kerouac, we played with 5 incredible bands, it was a night that I felt defined a scene and the pinnacle of everything we hoped to achieve when we started this band. More than anything I don’t wish to cheapen anyone’s experience of that night with this, because it was a truly special moment in time all of us feel very lucky to have shared.

The Joiners in Southampton is a place extremely close to the hearts of all in this band and recently it’s been made clear that the venue, much like many others regionally, is nearing closure due to mounting debts and dwindling crowds. We were asked to play a show there to help raise funds and obviously for 4 boys who spent much of their childhood playing at/going to shows there, we realise the importance of giving something back. If you’re in the area and are interested in a show there, please don’t hesitate to go down, it’s a great place, Southampton is lucky to have it and it would break my heart to see it go.

Tickets will be available on Monday 7th January with all money going straight to the venue. Full bill TBA. Needless to say, don’t ask for guestlist.

Thom, Jon, James and Tristan”


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