News: Stuka Squadron Reborn as Iron Knights After Former Bassist Threatens Legal Action

UK power metal mob Stuka Squadron have had to rename their band Iron Knights after former bassist Graham Cushway has threatened them with legal action after he claimed he owned the trademark to the name. Here’s the word from the band themselves:

Just before we fired our former bassist Graham Cushway in September, he proceeded to trademark the band name claiming sole ownership and creation of everything that the band has achieved since its inception. Cushway, known as Lor…d Pyre, was actually a co-founder of the band alongside James ‘Duke Fang’ Begley, but has since claimed that he wrote everything on the debut EP and first album (a ‘fact’ not borne out by either reality or the official credits listed on the album) and was responsible for every aspect of the band’s development, including all goodwill generated by the band, up until his dismissal. We were not informed of his Trademarking, but simply happened upon it by chance. He also threatened us with libel action because we said ‘he resigned’. We did not. And he did not. So, to clarify the point that he wanted clarified: He was fired after the remaining band members considered that he repeatedly failed to measure up to many of his band obligations.

Stuka Squadron will now continue as Iron Knights. Their new album ‘New Sound of War’ will be released on the 26th of November 2012 through Metal Box Recordings. Stay up-to-date with all things Iron Knights by liking their new Facebook page.

[Source: Stuka Squadron Facebook Page]


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