Review: We Are The Lost Boys’ Life

Do you ever listen to a record and feel like the band don’t really care? Take Reading emo quartet We Are The Lost Boys for example; they’ve obviously got the ability, but they just don’t sound like being in a band is what they really want to do. The songs on their ‘Life’ EP are perfectly well built and structured but they lack the energy and pure heart-on-sleeve emotion that their peers (bands like Lower Than Atlantis) are pulling off much better.

On the track ‘Home Sweet Home’, vocalist and guitarist Danny Wright’s lyrics rely heavily on you pitying him. Wright sings about being ‘unemployed and 24’ and not being able to afford his rent which are perfectly acceptable concerns but without a statement of intent he just sounds like he’s moaning.

This seems to be an overarching theme on We Are The Lost Boy’s ‘Life’ EP; they’re making well produced emo rock but they lack the substance to really push their sound further. The riffs are particularly uninspiring and never have a big enough hook to make the songs stick in your head.

The same can be said about the vocals. Wright and second guitarist/backup vocalist Matt Lavender sing throughout the entire record in a mid-range that just makes them sound a bit bored. Not once do either vocalist add anything else to their vocal palette which is a massive shame because some higher pitched melodies could really set some of these songs off.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; Stuart Collyer’s drums are magnificent throughout and actually became the most interesting part of this release. The riff on Old Street becomes one of the EP’s biggest hooks and the production is brilliant. Everyone can be heard in what might be one of the best mixes I’ve heard on a rock record.

We Are The Lost Boys have a lot of potential but they don’t sound like a band who have any other options than to be in a band. I hate to be that guy, but they sound like they’re in a band simply for the sake of it. With that sort of attitude they’re going to have an extremely difficult time trying to find people who care about their music, because if it sounds like you don’t care neither will your fans.


‘Life’ will presumably be released independently by the band on 12/11/12.


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