Review: Cold Summer’s Wake

Cold Summer are a post hardcore 4 piece from Wakefield making noise in a similar vein to Hundred Reasons and Funeral For A Friend. They’re also a relatively new affair having only kicked into action at the start of this year with their 2 track demo ‘Transitions’. While ‘Transitions’ sees the band in a stripped back and acoustic mode, their latest EP ‘Wake’ kicks things up a notch by being a fully electric piece showcasing exactly what the band are doing live.

So you could say that ‘Wake’ is Cold Summer’s first “proper” release as it is accurately portraying the band at this moment in their career and bugger me if it isn’t a good start. This is the sound of a band who are on a mission. The EP starts with the 2 punch combo of ‘Waiting’ and ‘Wake’ which feature some furious yet catchy riffs with clean-sung verses and screamed chorus’. It’s a bold statement and certainly grabs your attention.

Things really come to a head when ‘A is For Arson’ shows up. This is where Cold Summer bring their A game as guitarist Chris Harrison throws out his best riffs and also some brilliant variety. Vocalist Dan Feast is consistent throughout and while there’s nothing wrong with his screaming (it’s certainly fantastic during the bridge), it’s his clean vocals that prove how good a vocalist he really is. The chorus in ‘A is For Arson’ and even the final acoustic ballad ‘Mistakes’ will be stuck in your head for days. This really is post hardcore at its’ finest and it’s brilliant to hear from such a young band.

However, there is still room for improvement. The chorus in ‘Waiting’ could’ve been stronger if it was sung instead of screamed and the production could certainly use a bit of beefing up to give Cold Summer the big sound they’re aiming for, but this is still early days for what could become a real highlight in British rock. This EP flows wonderfully and showcases all the variety Cold Summer have to offer starting with a punishing slab of hardcore and finishing with a beautiful acoustic number; it almost feels like an actual album.

You can download ‘Wake’ from Cold Summer’s bandcamp at a name your own price (yes, even free). Keep this band on your radar because with the right production and more of a focus on Dan Feast’s singing over his screaming, they could be your new favourite band.



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