Review: Merciless Precision / Toecutter HC Split

Merciless Precision

Merciless Precision certainly decided on an appropriate band name. This 5 and a half minute blast of extreme grindcore doesn’t let it up and is performed masterfully. If blast-beats, downtuning and grunt are your cup of tea then you’ll feel right at home.

Speaking of blast-beats, special mention has to be given to the quality of the Merciless Precision’s drumming. It’s fast and extremely tight which is amazing to hear from such a young band.

The guitar work is unfortunately quite low in the mix and you don’t really get a chance to appreciate it. This might have been a conscious decision however because the riffing is fairly simple with little variety.

This could well be the string that Merciless Precision need in their bow; more variety to their song writing. They’ve clearly got the chops to be a phenomenal grindcore act but there’s not enough to distinguish each song from the next. Grindcore fans will find plenty to like here and if you’re just after a short, sharp shock of relentless metal then this will suit you down to the ground. Extreme music fans after something with a little more substance might be left disappointed.


Toecutter HC

As with Merciless Precision, Toecutter HC chose their name suitably; this is hardcore punk at its’ most furious. Toecutter HC’s half of this split clocks in at around 4 minutes 50 seconds which obviously means the 6 songs on display here are pretty short.

There’s also an awful lot going on in each song. Yes, the riffing is fast, but what Toecutter HC like to throw in the mix are some seriously infectious grooves. Some of the riffs are brilliantly memorable and help make the songs more recognisable (which is obviously a good thing when there’s so much screaming on display).

The production is also another key factor in what makes Toecutter HC’s side of the split so much fun to listen to. You can hear every instrument with perfect clarity, even the bass doesn’t get bogged down under the riffing.

The major downside is just how quick this is all over. Toecutter HC have a lot to offer and these 6 tracks only leave us begging for more. Toecutter HC are a band that clearly have the ability to write an amazing hardcore record and after this taster we want to see them pull it off.


Stream Toecutter HC’s half of this split here:

You can buy this split from Merciless Precision’s webstore here: CLICK HERE


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