Why Don’t You Check Out: Samoans

2 parts Cardiff, 1 part Frimley; Samoans are an alt-rock band in the Biffy Clyro/Reuben vain ie they make a lot of racket and are bloody catchy about it. They have recently been joined by the mighty Chris Rouse on drums who a few of you will recognise from Hold Your Horse Is.

Samoans have just dropped a stunning debut EP called Elevated Reflections after a string of splits, singles and demos (some of which are still available from the band’s Big Cartel). We especially like the fact it has a hidden track; we thought hidden tracks had become a thing of the past! It’s available digitally, on CD or as a special CD/T-shirt combo from their BandCamp and I can’t recommend it enough:

Samoans haven’t got any shows planned at the moment. Fingers crossed they have a tour lined up in support of the new EP.


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