Interview: DSDNT

We are DSDNT, made up of Adam on Guitar, Harry on Vocals, Mark on Drums and Tom on Bass and we’ve been together for almost a year now. We met in school, a bar and on the internet then real life.

You’ve got a self-titled EP out on Dead Dead Dead Music; how did that partnership come about?

A: I met Neil, who runs Deadx3 at a gig he put on in Leeds about 18 months ago and just loosely kept in contact with him as he released a few things by some bands I’m interested in. I just messaged him one day with a link to our EP download and he got back to us straight away and offered to put it out on cassette, which was beyond generous as we hadn’t really done anything up to that point.

Are you happy with the EP? Production-wise, it’s a massive sounding record for such a young band.

T: I’m really happy with it although I know some bits could have been better, but that always happens. We did it all ourselves, mostly at home in my basement, so we had as much time as we needed and I didn’t have to explain to someone else how I wanted it to sound. It’s definitely the best first recordings of any band I’ve been in, but the next one should hopefully sound even better! Also, we definitely need to thank Neil at Deadx3 Music for sorting out the cassettes and Padraig O’Bogaigh who did the artwork.

What’s the reaction been like from the audience?

H: I don’t know really, people seem to enjoy it and we’ve had good reviews.

You guys appear to be heavily influenced by hardcore; why do you think this genre has seen such a massive rise in popularity?

H: There’s a lot of love in the hardcore scene at the moment, with bands working together across the whole of the UK. There’s a great sense of community, with labels such as Dead Dead Dead helping out very young bands such as ourselves, and local promoters working hard to make sure we can enjoy regular top-rate shows from both local and international hardcore acts (here’s looking at you, Pulling Pulse). I’m pretty sure this is what hardcore has always been about; we’re not taking ourselves too seriously, we just love playing heavy music and love hearing it too – most of the people I know feel the same!

What bands influence you and your music?

H: Vocal-wise I’d jump straight to the obvious and point my finger at Dave Verellen (Botch, Narrows) and Jacob Bannon (Converge), as early on these were both bands that immediately grabbed me and pulled me towards heavy music. Recently I’ve been hugely impressed with Full Of Hell and have been listening to their record Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home a load. The vocalist is insane, listen to the title track off that album, he just loses his shit completely. The first time I saw Ceremony I felt like a rocket had been shoved up my ass and I knew I wanted to throw myself about on a stage like Ross Farrar.
T: The Dillinger Escape Plan were a great influence when I was younger. The first time I saw them was at a festival and I didn’t even know who they were, I’d never heard or seen anything like that before and my brain could barely handle it, then as soon as I got home I went and bought ‘Calculating Infinity’. I can’t not say Converge, Kurt Ballou completely changed my ideas of guitar and bass tone plus recording production in general. Then there’s Botch, I miss Botch.
M: I guess the drummers that have influenced the way I play are David Kennedy (The Chariot) and Thomas Hedlund (Cult of Luna). Both drummers manage to do some things that are a little out of the box, while not taking anything away from the actual songs.
A: Personally I’m influenced by bands like Breather Resist, Converge, Throats, Lavotchkin, Trap Them and Humanfly. I started playing an instrument due to Jesse Keeler (DFA 1979), Carlos Dengler (Interpol) and Johnny Throstur (Minus), but guitar wise I’m influenced by Evan Patterson (Breather Resist/ Young Widows/ National Acrobat). I saw an interview a while back with him talking about gear and his playing style and he said he didn’t know how to play and I thought “neither do I”. So a few weeks later I went out and bought a guitar, tried to learn to play a few Converge songs, failed miserably then decided to start playing guitar in a band.

What bands would you recommend our readers?

A: I’d recommend you check out Let it Die, Black Veins, Esoteric Youth, No Fealty, Knife Crimes, HUSH, Humanfly, The Long Haul, Baby Godzilla, Coilguns, Curses, Atlas, Black Mass, False Flags, Prelude To The Hunt, Bears Killing Bears, Notebooks and a million other bands which aren’t coming to mind right now as there’s too much good music in the UK and Europe at the moment.
T: Coilguns need to be heard, we got to play with them a few weeks back and it was an awesome show, so much noise for just one guitarist. Hush and Earthship were also great at that show. The new Bastions, The Long Haul and Rise and Fall records are great too, plus there’s some really good bands in Leeds at the moment: Blacklisters are already doing well for themselves, Curses, False Flags, and definitely Humanfly if you’ve managed to miss them so far.
H: Recently my eardrums have been pleasured by the likes of Full Of Hell (scary dark hardcore), Let It Die (loud, heavy, fast, good), Eagulls (noisy Dinosaur Jr kids), Blacklisters (for some dirty, wretching 21st century Big Black), Grazes, Hush, Veils, Nickleback, Black Mass and Knife Crimes. All mentioned are from the UK with the exception of Full Of Hell and they’re always playing shows. All worth checking out for sure.

What’s the most enjoyable part of being in DSDNT?

H: Playing shows by far. No matter the crowd I always enjoy myself, which is what it’s all about. It also feels amazing to have so many people (seems like a lot to me anyway) listening to our output and responding positively. We’ve all become close friends in the band and are meeting more people along the way which is also great.
T: Seeing reviews that say things like “bowel crushing bass” is always pretty good too, well, for me anyway.

Do you have any shows coming up?

H: We’re getting our heads down to focus on new material, so shows aren’t a priority at the moment. I think we have one at the end of June and we definitely have another taking us furthest away from home in September in Sunderland.

Where can our readers listen and buy your music/merchandise from?

Our music is at, our merch is at and our general shit-talking is at You can also get our cassettes direct from Deadx3 Music or V Revolution in Manchester.

What’s next for the band?

M. We’ve got a few shows coming up, including a show that’ll finally see us playing further afield. We’ve also been talking to some people over in mainland Europe about a potential split release. It’s still early days, but we’re pretty excited about the whole idea and hopefully it’ll eventually come to fruition.


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