Why Don’t You Check Out: Gnarwolves

Gnarwolves are a straight forward punk band, but don’t let that put you off. These boys make some of the most exciting, beer-fuelled punk you’ve heard in ages. Based in Brighton but originating from Cornwall, these boys really know how to make a party anthem.

The band has a ‘pay-what-you-want’ EP called Fun Club (and trust me, the name more than lives up to its’ reputation) which you can grab from the band’s Band Camp now. Any money you throw at it goes towards the band’s next release as well.

The band are touring the UK through April and May so check them out if you can. It’s bound to be a laugh:

14/04/2012 – White Rabbit, Plymouth
15/04/2012 – Olives, Norwich
16/04/2012 – Jagged Rock Lounge, Wolverhampton
17/04/2012 – Cavern, Exeter
18/04/2012 – King Alfred Pub, Southampton
20/04/2012 – Cellar 35, Aberdeen
23/04/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
02/05/2012 – Hydrant, Brighton
07/05/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
08/05/2012 – Old Blue Last, London
10/05/2012 – The Hydrant, Brighton (Great Escape)
14/05/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
18/05/2012 – Hydrant, Brighton


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