Gone But Not Forgotten: Send More Paramedics

B’Hellmouth – Vocals
Medico – Guitar
X Undead – Bass
El Diablo – Drums

Demo – 2001
A Feast For The Fallen – 2002
The Hallowed And The Heathen – 2003
Tales Told By Dead Men: Split with Zombie Apocalypse – 2005
South of Heaven, North of England: Split with The Nothing – 2005
The Awakening – 2006
Self Titled Cassette – 2007

Sounds Like
A mix of thrash metal and hardcore punk with zombie b-movie overtones; think Black Flag meets Slayer.

Send More Paramedics were a self-proclaimed ‘zombiecore’ band from Leeds. The band formed in 2001 to record a demo which caught the attention of In At The Deep End Records who would then work with the band to release all of their discography apart from a split CD with The Nothing which would go out on Thirty Days of Night Records.

The band stood apart thanks to their liberal use of zombie b-movie aesthetics which went as far as the band dressing up as the undead for shows, interviews and music videos. This persona was also the foundation for their music and lyrics which are all about the zombie masses bringing the Earth to its’ knees. There simply wasn’t another band like Send More Paramedics and any proclaimers to the zombiecore throne (such as Zombie Apocalypse who participated in a split with the band) just sound like dodgy imitations with half the passion of SMP.

The band’s biggest ‘hit’ (if you can even call it that) was Zombie Crew from their 2nd album The Hallowed and the Heathen. The tune is a mosh-pit anthem with a massive, gang-vocal-driven chorus. It also has one of the best performance-based music videos I’ve ever seen thanks to the brilliant performances from their audience who all put on very convincing zombie impressions.

Some of the other big achievements for the band contain a tour with The Offspring, winning BBC Radio One’s ‘Fresh Meat’ competition which resulted in a live performance on BBC Three and some rather cool guest appearances from Jeff Walker and Ken Owen of Carcass on their last album The Awakening.

Sadly the band split in 2007 leaving a heart-felt message on their MySpace stating that their “zombie corpses are finally rotting to the point at which we can continue no more.” B’Hellmouth would later appear as Professor Oblivion in the sci-fi orientated thrashcore outfit Cyvoid who dropped a single EP before calling it quits earlier this year. There are quite a lot of similarities between Cyvoid and Send More Paramedics but with a little more technical proficiency in their music.

Regardless, Send More Paramedics were a truly bonkers band of undead loonies who made brilliantly catchy thrash-punk for people who like crappy, zombie-horror films. The addition of B-Hellmouth’s lairy, punk-rock vocals made the whole thing a serious amount of fun and gave them a sound that was truly their own. The band’s devotion to their characters was also a commendable effort that always adds something to bands that are as visual as SMP.

You can still get all the band’s releases on In At The Deep End Records from the website’s online store. The band’s first demo and split with The Nothing are now rarities and very difficult to get a hold of so be prepared to dish out some serious dough if they ever appear on eBay.


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